pPLUS® AAV-Helper is a novel plasmid helper designed for AAV production. This plasmid is the outcome of an extensive R&D program based on our proprietary DNA assembly technology (e-Zyvec® technology) aiming at exploring the synergies of multiple genetic features to improve the infectivity (measured in TU/mL) and quality (full/empty ratio) of viral particles obtained through triple transfection of suspension HEK-293 cells with FectoVIR®-AAV. 

pPLUS®-AAV Helper is readily available as an off-the-shelf product. 

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101000181Research grade1mg
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Minimum Ordering Quantity: 5mg 

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An innovative construct

pPLUS® AAV-Helper is a novel Helper plasmid integrating new helper elements in the sequence leading to improved AAV particles infectivity. The plasmid size (13.3 kb) has been reduced compared to a standard Helper plasmid and the sequence is free of Hexon Associated Precursor and Fiber sequences.

Strong improvement of AAV productivity and infectivity when used together with FectoVIR®-AAV

The use of pPLUS®-AAV Helper leads to improved titers (VG/mL) and infectivity (TU/mL) compared to other commercial pHelper, irrespective of transfection reagent used. A synergistic effect is obtained when pPLUS® AAV-Helper and FectoVIR®-AAV are used together with up to 4-fold improvement in VG titers and 8-fold improvement in TU titers.

Efficiency with all tested AAV serotypes (AAV2, AAV5, AAV8, AAV9)

The positive impact on titers and infectivity has been observed with various serotypes confirming the suitability of the pPLUS® AAV-Helper for production of AAVs commonly used in the clinic.

Consistent performance across cell lines

pPLUS® AAV-Helper has shown consistent performance when used with various cell lines commonly found in AAV production processes confirming its suitability for use in various production systems.

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