FectoCHO® Expression system


Protein / Antibody Production

Kit components

FectoCHO® CD Expression Medium
FectoPRO® Transfection reagent
FectoPRO® Expression Booster

Cell types

Suspension CHO cells such as CHO-K1, CHO-S or ExpiCHO™-S

Number of transfections

1 mL of FectoPRO® Transfection reagent is sufficient to transfect 800 ml to more than 1 liter of FectoCHO® CD Expression Medium


Store FectoPRO® and FectoCHO® CD Expression Medium at 5 °C ± 3°C. Do not freeze.
Expiry date is indicated in the certificate of analysis (available in "My account") and on the product.


The FectoCHO® Expression system, consists in the synergistic association of a novel CHO chemically defined medium, FectoCHO® CD Expression medium and a powerful transfection reagent, FectoPRO®.

FectoCHO® CD Expression medium is optimised to facilitate adaptation and cultivation of various strains of CHO cells such as CHO-K1, CHO-S and ExpiCHO™-S : extensive sequential adaptation is not required. FectoPRO®-mediated transient transfection in this chemically defined medium is optimal and therefore leads to the highest protein and antibody yields using Transient Gene Expression; with up to 4 times higher protein yields than with the competitors’ systems.

Ordering Information

Reference NumberExpression MediumTransfection ReagentExpression Booster
101000011FectoCHO® CD Medium 1 LFectoPRO® 1 mL1mL
101000003FectoCHO® CD Medium 6 x 1 L--
101000014-FectoPRO® 1 mL1mL
101000007-FectoPRO® 10 mL10mL
101000019-FectoPRO® 100 mL4x10mL
716-01LKIT1 L1 mL1 mL
716-06L6 x 1 L--
116-001-10 mL10 mL
116-010-10 mL10 mL
116-040-4 x 10 mL4 x 10 mL
301000270***NO DISPLAY*** FectoCHO

1 mL of FectoPRO® Transfection Reagent is sufficient to transfect 800 ml to more than 1 liter of FectoCHO® CD Expression Medium. Bulk quantities are available upon request.


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Outstanding protein production yields in suspension CHO cells reaching up to 4 times compared to competitors’ systems.

The combination of a chemically defined medium optimized for transient transfection and protein expression, FectoCHO® CD Expression medium, and of a highly efficient transfection reagent, FectoPRO® leads to outstanding protein production yields in various CHO cells, such as CHO-S and CHO-K1 cells.

Ideal for high density cell systems such as ExpiCHO™-S cells

FectoCHO® Expression system is particularly well suited for high density cells, such as the ExpiCHO™-S cells. FectoCHO® CD medium is able to sustain growth and viability at very high cell density for up to 10 days, while ensuring a higher transfection efficiency with FectoPRO®, leading to very high protein yields in ExpiCHO™-S cells.

Excellent CHO cell adaptation

FectoCHO® CD Expression medium allows for CHO cells to reach high cell density, while maintaining an excellent viability with short doubling time. This medium has been specifically developed to allow a quick cell adaptation, whatever the CHO cell type used.

Chemically defined kit components

FectoCHO® expression system is a 3 component kit optimized to work together: FectoCHO® CD Expression Medium, FectoPRO® Transfection Reagent and FectoPRO® Expression Booster. All of the above being chemically defined components for a convenient use in biomanufacturing processes.

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