Polyplus is a market leader in transfection solutions for nucleic acid-based therapies, whether viral or non-viral based. We believe the success of gene expression requires powerful transfection reagents and optimized plasmid design. To offer a complete solution, Polyplus has expanded beyond transfection into plasmid engineering services and plasmid manufacturing in small to large quantities and from discovery to GMP grade.  

Our plasmid engineering service is based on our innovative e-Zyvec® technology and on our proprietary software that enable us to flexibly assemble various genetic features into a unique tailor-made plasmid construct without the need of any entry vector. With the power of our technology and the power of our software, our service achieves a very high assembly success rate and makes your design real. 

Fully dedicated plasmid engineering specialists at Polyplus manage your projects from beginning to end, guaranteeing successful assembly and on-time delivery.  


What plasmid cloning challenges can we help you overcome? 

With e-Zyvec® technology, we can effectively build complex plasmids and easily create a set of plasmids for you to test in parallel.  

  • Screen different promoters for optimal gene expression

While it is hard to predict which promoter works the best in your cell line or tissue of interest, we can work together to build a set of plasmids, each with a different promoter. With e-Zyvec® technology, we can generate multiple promoters as individual building blocks while keeping other components unchanged and produce the whole set of plasmids at once.

  • Screen different variants of your protein of interest

With the e-Zyvec® technology mutations in your gene of interest can easily be introduced, and the set of variants produce at the same time.

  • Build multiple gene-of-interest cassettes in one plasmid

Do you need two genes of interest to express from the same plasmid? We are flexible in assembling multiple cassettes and changing their order in the plasmid. We also have experience in assembling multiple genes under the same promoter separated by elements such as the 2A peptide or the IRES sequence.

  • Eliminate unwanted sequences from your original construct

A project sometimes starts with an unoptimized plasmid, and it is often complicated to re-engineer with traditional cloning. By fragmenting the plasmid into several segments, we can easily remove, add or exchange nucleotides at designated spots and optimize precisely based on your ideas.

  • Work with long and difficult sequences impossible to synthesize

Thanks to our technology and the expertise of our plasmid engineering specialists, we have the power to fragment long and difficult sequences that are impossible to synthesize, and to re-assemble them to make the plasmid you would need.


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Plasmid engineering service in 3-steps

Our plasmid engineering service starts with your plasmid design on our free online designing tool and finishes with our production, quality control, and delivery. The entire process is overseen by an assigned plasmid engineering specialist. who will check your design, offer tips and suggestions if needed, and build your constructs with the help of our  in-house software. You will also be supported by the broader Polyplus team including Scientific Support and local sales managers and specialists.

  • Plasmid design and project submission

Start a new project by log in the customer area to access the design your plasmid platform. This is the online designing platform to convert your design idea into a plasmid map draft, and to follow the progress of your project once a plasmid engineering specialist is assigned. Enjoy the flexibility of drawing a plasmid from scratch or build a construct based on our suggestions.

For each element in your plasmid, you can browse our database, or copy and paste your own sequence. To incorporate your own sequence into the final plasmid, we accept deliveries of plasmids or genomic DNA as templates so PCR can be performed. Alternatively, each fragment can be synthesized by our trusted partners – don’t worry, we will handle the logistics.


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  • Plasmid review and validation

Once you finish your design, submit your project by clicking “Get a quote”. Our plasmid engineering specialists will review your project, evaluate the complexity of your construct, and reach out by email. If you would like to discuss your design first, simply click “I want to talk about my project first”. Either way, our experienced plasmid team will offer their expertise and move your project along.

  • Design confirmation and in-silico engineering

We value your thoughts and input throughout the service. Upon completion of your plasmid design on our online designing platform, we will send you a quote along with the Plasmid Specifications, where you will find your request, the DNA features wished in your constructs, the DNA sources for each of them, and other details of your project.

After you give us the go-ahead, our plasmid engineering specialist will set up the assembly strategy of your plasmid by in-silico engineering and come back to you to propose you the whole map of each construct. We will ask you to verify that these maps fit well with your expectations and to approve them before launching the production.

  • Plasmid production and delivery

Once the in-silico engineering is finished and you approve the final full-sequence plasmid map, we will move into production. Your plasmids will be confirmed by restriction enzyme profiling and by next generation sequencing. If you need your plasmid amplified, it can be added to the engineering service, or as a stand-alone. Polyplus can manufacture your plasmids in small to large quantities and from discovery to GMP grade.



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