Hear from Eric Mauro, plasmid engineering scientist, Polyplus, and Goutham Kumar Ganjam, head of manufacturing, DiNAMIQS, as they discuss Polyplus’ state-of-the art approach to design new helper plasmids (phelpers) with the aim of improving both the infectiosity (TU/mL) and the quality (full/empty ratio) of the viral particle in suspension systems. Our experts will also highlight how DiNAMIQS evaluated these novel helper plasmids in their manufacturing platform and what was learned about the potential to improve both productivity and quality of rAAV produced.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies to improve AAV helper plasmid engineering.
  • Role of engineering of helper plasmid to improve AAV yield and quality.



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Infographic : GMP AAV manufacturing process using transient transfection in a 2 000 L bioreactor (Theoretical approach)
Poster : Novel engineered pHelper plasmid to improve yield and quality of several AAV serotypes in suspension cell culture systems

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