Ready-to-use, empty, pre-formed cationic liposomes

Molecule delivered


Biodistribution & Injection routes

Universal biodistribution: Any organ or tissue (depending on the injection route)
Various administration routes: Both systemic or local routes (intravenous, intramuscular, intraperitoneal and retro-orbital injections have been successfully tested)

Number of injections in mice

1 mL is sufficient to perform 50 intravenous injections or 100 intramuscular injections in mice


Store in vivo-jetRNA®+ at 5 ± 3°C. Do not freeze.
Expiry date is indicated in the Certificate of Analysis and on the product.

Provided with

mRNA buffer


in vivo transfection reagents are the most powerful alternative to viral vectors for nucleic acid delivery. They are easy to use, cost-effective and considered as safe and efficient vehicles for RNA delivery. mRNA transfection is rapidly emerging as a promising method for nucleic acid-based therapy and offers an attractive substitute to plasmid DNA. Non-viral mRNA delivery methods have already proven their efficiency in vaccination through antigen presenting cells modification and in anti-cancer therapy by directly targeting malignant cells. The intrinsic advantage of mRNA-based immunotherapy relies on the self-adjuvant activity of mRNA and the fact that small amounts of encoded antigen are sufficient to obtain robust immune response. 

in vivo-jetRNA®+ is a lipid-based transfection reagent composed of preformed liposomes specifically developed to deliver mRNA in vivo. This reagent can be used to target unique or multiple organs, by using systemic injection routes, in various animal models (mice, rat, etc.). mRNA delivery using in vivo-jetRNA®+ is user-friendly, with a simple 2-step protocol and can be used for vaccination purposes, oncology studies, genome editing (e.g. CRISPR/Cas9 technology) or protein replacement. 

 Next generation lipid-based delivery for mRNA therapeutics: in vivo-jetRNA®+ 

Ordering Information

Reference NumberVolume of in vivo -jetRNA®+ Volume of mRNA Buffer
1010001221mL60 mL

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Efficient: 100% mRNA encapsulation leading to delivery results comparable to LNPs

in vivo-jetRNA®+ is the reagent of choice to deliver mRNA to various organs. This is attributable to its intrinsic properties: in vivo-jetRNA®+ protects its payload against ubiquitous endonucleases, prevent non-specific interactions with proteins and promote efficient cell entry.  in vivo-jetRNA®+ shows an amazing capacity to encapsulate 100% of the mRNA available leading to an efficient gene expression that is comparable to Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) currently used as a gold standard for non-viral delivery. 

Ready-to-use: Liposome-based reagent requiring no equipment or formulation expertise

LNPs are the mRNA delivery gold standard, but optimal formulation requires months of work, specialized equipment and consumables, and expertise. With in vivo-jetRNA®+, there is no need to spend time and budget on formulation, as it is a ready-to-use optimised formulation with a simple protocol. Indeed, the mRNA/in vivo-jetRNA®+ liposomal solution is prepared in only two steps and is ready to be injected into the animal within 15 minutes. Besides, it does not require any formulation equipment. Our friendly Scientific Support team is happy to provide protocols tailored to your needs.   

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Stable: Liposomes are very stable over time

In addition to its ability to encapsulate mRNA, in vivo-jetRNA®+ excels in stability when formulated with mRNA.  Indeed, mRNA/in vivo-jetRNA®+ liposomes retain their transfection efficiency for 4 weeks when stored at 4°C and for 72 hours when stored at RT Additionally, while mRNA concentration influences liposome size, in vivo-jetRNA®+ shows a stable liposome size at low or high mRNA concentrations 

Universal: Target any organ/tissue depending on the administration route

The choice of route of administration results in a different biodistribution of the mRNA. For example, administration of mRNA/in vivo-jetRNA®+ liposomes by intraperitoneal injection results in gene expression in many organs, including the spleen and lymph nodes which play a major role in the immune response, whereas intramuscular injection induces a more localized mRNA expression. in vivo-jetRNA®+ can be administered systemically or locally, allowing you to modulate biodistribution according to your needs and objectives.

Safe: Keep animals and organs healthy and do not trigger pro-inflammatory response

in vivo-jetRNA®+ does not induce side effects after injection, with all animals remaining healthy and no pain being observed. Also, the organ(s) of interest remain(s) phenotypically intactintact, and no tissue damage is observed, regardless of the route of administration. Furthermore the use of in vivo-jetRNA®+ does not trigger the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines. As a non-viral delivery reagent, in vivo-jetRNA®+ has several advantages over conventional vaccine approaches: it is safer for recipients, faster and cheaper to produce, and has great potential to address many unmet medical needs.

Overcome challenges in mRNA delivery

mRNA delivery is a crucial aspect of utilizing mRNA-based therapies, such as mRNA vaccines or mRNA therapeutics. While mRNA has shown great potential in treating various diseases, there are several challenges associated with delivering mRNA molecules into target cells effectively and safely. As an innovator in nucleic acid delivery, Polyplus® offers a range of solutions to address these delivery challenges. In vivo-jetRNA®+, for example, combines LNP-like efficacy and safety with ready-to-use convenience, eliminating formulation hurdles!

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