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Polyplus, part of Sartorius, is a leading upstream solutions provider for advanced biologic and cell and gene therapy production from research to commercial scale.

An innovator in nucleic acid delivery, the legacy portfolio features process-centric transfection reagents, kits, and support services for viral and non-viral delivery. Custom plasmid vector design and plasmid and protein manufacturing was integrated into the offer in 2022 to expand the products and services portfolio to help the industry optimize process economics while meeting strict scientific and regulatory standards.

Headquartered in Europe, the Polyplus team continues to grow globally with operations in the United States and Asia. Since July 2023, Polyplus is now part of Sartorius.

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Did you know that we’ve made it possible for you to improve your lentiviral yields, while reducing the amount of DNA needed? FectoVIR®-LV is the brand new transfection reagent on the block ready to boost your productivity, reduce your cost and allow you to scale-up your process. The Cherry on top? we provide complementary DOE service to fast-track your optimization!

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Our plasmid engineering services is specialized in generating Tailor-made DNA plasmids

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Add value to Human life, where our mission is to develop cutting-edge delivery technologies to enable scientists to develop breakthrough nucleic acid-based therapies as treatment to improve Human health every step of the way from basic science to the clinic

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