pPLUS® AAV-RC range is a set of RepCap plasmids designed for AAV production of various serotypes.

The plasmids have been optimized for use with pPLUS® AAV-Helper in a triple transfection process, providing enhanced AAV yields of high quality and infectivity. The pPLUS® AAV-RC plasmids are readily available at Research Grade and available upon request at GMP grade.



Ordering Information

Part N° Product Quality Grade Packsize
101000214 pPLUS® AAV-RC2 R&D 1mg
101000215 pPLUS® AAV-RC2 R&D 10mg
101000216 pPLUS® AAV-RC2 R&D 100mg

Other serotypes are expected to be released by mid 2024 

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Enhanced VG titers when used with pPLUS® AAV-Helper 

pPLUS® AAV-RC are RepCap plasmids engineered for AAV production and providing a strong performance when used in combination with pPLUS® AAV-Helper and FectoVIR®-AAV. The use of pPLUS® AAV packaging system leads to a 1.7-to-2.9-fold increase in VG titers vs the competitor control 

Enhanced infectivity when used with pPLUS® AAV-Helper 

The use of pPLUS® AAV packaging system leads to a 3.5-to3.9-fold increase in TU titers vs the competitor control. 

Readily available  

pPLUS® AAV-RC2 is available off-the-shelf for a fast and reliable supply in various pack sizes from 1 to 100mg 

Royaltyfree even for commercial use 

No royalties or licensing fees will be applied for the use of this product, whether it is used for research, clinical or commercial purpose. However, no right to amplify, replicate and/or duplicate the pPLUS® Plasmids will be conveyed to the end-users.  

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