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Gene expression
Genome Editing
Stem cell differentiation

Cell types

Hard-to-transfect cells
Adherent and suspension cells
Primary cells (Neurons, Stem cells, Immune cells, fibroblasts, …)
Post-mitotic cells

Number of transfections

1.5 ml of jetMESSENGER® transfection reagent is sufficient to perform up to 1500 transfections in 24-well plates or 375 transfections in 6-well plates


Store jetMESSENGER® at 5 °C ± 3°C.
Expiry date is indicated in the certificate of analysis (available in "My account") and on the product.

Provided with

mRNA buffer


jetMESSENGER® is a highly efficient and gentle mRNA transfection reagent. jetMESSENGER® has been specifically designed to offer outstanding transfection efficiency in cells that are usually difficult to transfect, such as primary cells, cancer cell lines, neurons, and stem cells. jetMESSENGER® can also be used on a wide variety of easy to transfect cells. Transfection with jetMESSENGER® leads to very low cytotoxicity as it requires low amounts of mRNA and low volumes of reagent.  

jetMESSENGER® is perfectly suited for gene expression, CRISPR gene editing, iPS generation, stem cell differentiation and immunotherapy assays. 

Ordering Information

Reference NumberAmount of reagentAmount of buffer
101000056jetMESSENGER® 0.1 mL10ml
101000005jetMESSENGER® 0.75 mL60ml
150-010.1 ml10 ml
150-070.75 ml60 ml

Bulk quantities are available upon request. Please contact us.


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Outperforms DNA transfection 

jetMESSENGER® is a highly efficient and gentle mRNA transfection reagent. mRNA transfection presents many advantages versus DNA transfection: 

  • no risk of genome integration, hence no genome modification of the transfected cell 
  • no promoter regulation issue 
  • no need to reach the nucleus for efficient expression 
  • more gentle process 

Allows higher gene expression than main competitors on a variety of cell lines 

jetMESSENGER® is extremely efficient especially in hard-to-transfect cells compared to other mRNA transfection reagents. Transfection with jetMESSENGER® leads to outstanding mRNA deliveryin a wide variety of cell lines, such asneurons, primary cells, stem cellsand various cancer cell lines,

Suitable for different applications

jetMESSENGER® is designed for several applications, such as gene expression, CRISPR/Cas-9 gene editing, reprogramming experiments in fibroblasts and stem cells, and immunotherapy assays.

Extremely gentle on cells 

By eliminating the need to reach the nucleus for efficient expression, jetMESSENGER® allows transfection of quiescent and slow dividing cells. In addition, jetMESSENGER® operates through an extremely gentle process. Cell viability remains extremely high during transfection and cell morphology is maintained.

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They used it

Nabil L
Pharmaceutical company, France.
"After some optimization done with the help of Polyplus-transfection Scientific Support, I obtained with jetMESSENGER® an excellent transfection efficiency while maintaining a good viability in primary NK cells and NK cell lines."
Y. N, Vervetx
“We observed outstanding transfection efficiency with jetMESSENGER in our Human Adrenal Gland cells; over 80% gene editing where Messenger-MAX and Stem-MAX maxed out at 45-50%. Bravo!”
Remi C.
Columbia University, New York, NY
“We were very happy with the performance of jetMESSENGER and in vivo-jetRNA in delivering our antigen-expressing mRNA to a variety of cells in vitro and in vivo. The response achieved in relation to dose exceeded our expectations, without any observable adverse effect from the formulation.”
Itkin T.
Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, United States
“Application of jetMESSENGER reagent to introduce modified RNA molecules into primary lung mouse endothelial cells (a cell population which is generally hard-to-transfect with DNA/RNA using non-viral methodology) resulted with the highest transfection rate (>70%) and with the lowest toxicity effects as compared to other tested RNA/DNA transfection reagents (jetPEI, TransIT, & RNAiMAX).”
Brotin E., Abeilard E.
Denoyelle C., Poulain L. Inserm U1199 « BioTICLA », Caen, France
“jetMESSENGER appears as a very effective reagent for RNA transfection in human cancer cells of various origins. The expression level intensity and the transfected cells proportion were very impressive as compared to conventional DNA transfection reagents, without any sign of cytotoxicity.”
Herb M.
University of Cologne, Germany
“The protocol and handling of jetMESSENGER Kit was very simple and easy to use in comparison to other mRNA kits we tested. In our hands, jetMESSENGER is the only component that resulted in 60% transfection efficiency in peritoneal macrophages, in less than 9h while not affecting cell viability.”
Pollet J
Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), USA
“The jetMESSENGER kit makes mRNA transfections very easy. The one step protocol is easy to use and can be combined with media comprising serum. It is a great tool!”
Stefano C
Baseclick GmbH, Germany
“The experiments I did were really good, the transfection worked greatly and I did also a comparison with another transfection kit from a competitor, I have to say yours is much better.”
Kathleen S
Pharmaceutical company, Germany
“I obtained a very good transfection efficiency using jetMESSENGER®. It is easy to use and the protocol is well described."
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