Frequently Asked Questions on all our Polyplus Products

Customer satisfaction is our prime concern and this is why we designed this section to provide answers to the more frequently asked questions we have received regarding our reagents and transfection experiments. These FAQs are organized by application to guide you to find the best answer possible.

Our team created the Polyplus-transfection® database in which you can find the best transfection conditions for your cell lines as well as product citations related to our products. For all cell specific questions or if you are looking for specific conditions, please refer to this transfection database or have a look at the protocol in the product documentation section:

FAQ : Cell and Gene Therapy

Frequently asked questions about FectoVIR®-AAV, FectoVIR®-LV and PEIpro®

FAQ : Generalities about transfection

Serum, Antibiotic, Cell passage/density, Transfection efficiency

FAQ : DNA transfection

jetOPTIMUS® / jetPRIME® / jetPEI®

FAQ : Oligonucleotide transfection

INTERFERin® / jetPRIME® / in vivo-jetPEI®

FAQ : mRNA transfection

jetMESSENGER® / in vivo-jetRNA®+ / LipidBrick®


jetOPTIMUS® / jetMESSENGER® / in vivo-jetPEI®

FAQ : in vivo delivery

in vivo-jetPEI® / in vivo-jetRNA®+ / LipidBrick®

FAQ : Protein production

FectoPRO® / FectoCHO® CD Medium


Frequently asked questions on LNP formulation

FAQ : pDNA Services

Frequently asked questions on our pDNA servies and online plasmid design platform

FAQ : Plasmid Manufacturing Service

Frequently asked questions on our Plasmid Manufacturing Service

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Other Informations

Transfection database

Search for publications in the Transfection Database with Polyplus transfection reagents or for transfection conditions.

Over 6000 publications, 1000 cell lines and primary cells available.

Product Documents

You have access to all the documents  transfection reagent.

In order to download a product protocol or a certificate of analysis, please create an account on Polyplus  

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