Plasmid Engineering Services

We deliver “discovery grade*” plasmids as circular, double stranded DNA molecules, in a screw-cap plastic tube, re-suspended in 1X AE buffer (miniprep.) or 1X TE buffer (midi, maxi, giga prep.), at room temperature. Please note that we DO NOT provide bacterial stock.

Discovery grade plasmids can be ordered at multiple formats, please inquire for more information.

For larger scale or higher quality grade plasmid production please inquire Plasmid Manufacturing Service

*Discovery grade means that while plasmids are produced in a sterile environment according to good laboratory practice, quality control are limited to basic quality and identity test. Discovery grade plasmids should be restricted to Research Application.

QC are limited to basic quality and identity tests:

  • DNA quantification
  • A260/280 and A260/230 measurements
  • Restriction digest profile (gel or capillary electrophoresis)
  • Whole plasmid sequencing including mycoplasma and gDNA detection (NGS)
  • Sanger sequencing (if necessary)

QC results will be documented in the Product Delivery Form.

Please note that endotoxin levels ARE NOT measured for discovery grade plasmids.

For most projects, you do not need to send us existing plasmids or other DNA material. Desired sequences can be generated using DNA synthesis (outsourced).

However, some project may require you to send us DNA material (plasmid templates or purified gDNA, only) that we can use to overcome technical complexity, to ensure technical continuity or simply to reduce cost.

In this case, please follow these instructions:

  • Use a 1.5 ml plastic tube, hermetically closed (screw cap or parafilm)
  • Label the tube clearly
  • Minimal volume: 15µL
  • Minimal concentration: 100ng/µL
  • Room temperature, please avoid dry ice.

Tubes should be sent at:

Production Team
80 rue du Dr Yersin
59120 Loos

Please note that before starting any project, every plasmid template will be fully sequenced by NGS.

For gDNA samples please send a picture of an agarose gel to evaluate the integrity of the sample.

We do not perform DNA synthesis in-house, this is outsourced.

We have been successful in assembling plasmid up to 30Kb. Larger size plasmid can be considered as difficult to amplify in regular competent E. coli strains. However, feel free to reach out if your project requires such large plasmid as specific solutions may applied.

We operate two levels of services: STANDARD and PREMIUM,

  • STANDARD Service allows working with customer material and can be delivered from 5 weeks*
  • PREMIUM Service is solely based on DNA synthesis and can be delivered from 3 weeks​*.

* Upon receipt of the purchase order confirmation

Upon receipt, briefly spin down the tubes containing your engineered plasmids (bench centrifuge) and store them at:

  •  4°C for short storage (<1 month)
  • – 20°C for long storage

We strongly recommend to aliquot the Polyplus discovery grade plasmids for long storage and to avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Duration of storage are given here as indication. You should always control the integrity of long stored plasmids by running gel electrophoresis (denaturation) or sequencing (sequence integrity).

Engineered discovery grade plasmids can be amplified by yourself for any Research Application.

Our bacterial origin of replication is functioning the same way as classical pBR322/pUc plasmids. You can therefore use any E. coli strain, accordingly to provider guidelines. We also indicate the culture temperature and the antibiotic selection we used to amplify your plasmids in the Product Delivery Form. As an indication, the concentrations of antibiotics we use routinely are 100µg/mL for ampicillin and 30µg/mL for kanamycin.

We do offer a pDNA amplification service for either engineered plasmids we generated, or your own plasmid you may wish to send us.

Amplification can be performed at small scale (up to several mg) and discovery grade, or at large scale (up to several gram) at R&D, High Quality or GMP grade with our Plasmid Manufacturing Service page.

Unless otherwise stated in the specifications of you project, every engineered plasmid provided on a service based contract, for Research Application, are IP free from Polyplus, as stipulated in our T&C. Other applications may require licensing agreement with Polyplus or tiers entity.

Sequencing Services

Polyplus plasmid sequencing services are dedicated to whole plasmid sequencing. Therefore, starting material should be purified double strand DNA plasmids.

Please note that we do not perform whole genome sequencing of any organism.

You can send your samples following the guidelines below:

  • Use a 1.5 ml plastic tube, hermetically closed (screw cap or parafilm)
  • Label the tube clearly
  • Minimal volume: 15µL
  • Minimal concentration: 100ng/µL

Samples should be sent to:

Production Team
80 rue du Dr Yersin
59120 Loos

When known, please enter the sequences of reference of your samples on our platform.

We operate two levels of services: Standard and Express.

  • Standard Service offering comprehensive results from 2-3 weeks upon purchase and sample receipt. This format enables you to sequence even one single sample.
  • Express Service guaranteeing the results within 3 working days upon purchase order and sample receipt. This format is quoted by batch of 12 samples, However, if you are in a hurry to get your results, you can request a batch of 12 samples to only few of them

After sequencing your sample, we will provide you the full-length sequence of your plasmid (.fasta file) as well as a sequencing report (.pdf file) containing:

  • A visual representation of the sequencing results with the coverage and the differences observed with the sequence of reference, if there is any.
  • The positions and the nature of the variations (insertion, deletion, substitution) observed in comparison with the sequence of reference.
  • The percentage of  contaminations contained in your sample such as bacterial gDNA for example. View Report

The Polyplus sequencing report and the full-length sequence of your plasmids are available on your account.

We do perform de novo analysis.

At Polyplus, we do NGS even for a single sample. There is no limitation in the number of samples, per se. We can sequence 150 samples at the same time.

Currently, we perform NGS using the Illumina technology (short reads, 150 bp).

We do offer consulting. If you need a specific bioinformatical analysis of your sequencing results, please contact us

Online pDNA services platform

To reach out, please send an email to

The online pDNA services platform has been tested on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. While it functions on other browsers like Opera or Safari, complete compatibility across all features cannot be guaranteed.

Polyplus can view the projects you are currently working on, but we will not make any alterations or suggestions unless specifically requested.

There is no limitation of time between the creation and the submission of a project. For instance, you can save a project and return to it even months later to continue your work

When you submit a project, a plasmid specialist will get back to you with a quote proposal based on the number of plasmids required, their complexity, the number of synthesis needed, and the amplification scale asked.

Access your profile settings on your customer area at to update your information, including  password or email modification.

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