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Protein and mAb production

Cell types

Suspension CHO, HEK-293, and derivatives

Number of transfections

1 mL of FectoPRO® is sufficient to transfect 800 ml to more than 1 liter of cell culture


Store FectoPRO® at 5 °C ± 3°C.
Expiry date is indicated in the certificate of analysis (available in "My account") and on the product.

Provided with

FectoPRO® Booster


FectoPRO® Transfection reagent is specifically designed for enhanced Transient Gene Expression (TGE) in suspension CHO and HEK-293 cells in various serum-free media, using low DNA amount (< 1 µg/ml of cell culture).

FectoPRO®-mediated transfection process is easily scalable from a few ml to several liters of cell culture, ensuring robust reproducible protein production. Increased productivity and low DNA amount requirement make FectoPRO® a cost-effective solution for bioproduction processes.


Ordering Information

Reference NumberTransfection ReagentExpression BoosterExpression Medium
101000014FectoPRO® 1 mL1 mL
101000007 FectoPRO® 10 mL10 mL
101000019FectoPRO® 100 mL100 mL
101000011FectoPRO® 1 mL1 mLFectoCHO® CD Medium 1
101000003--FectoCHO® CD Medium 6 x 1 L
116-0011 mL1 mL***NODISPLAY***
116-01010 mL10 mL***NODISPLAY***
116-100100 mL100 mL***NODISPLAY***
716-06L--6 x 1 L
716-01LKIT1 mL1 mL1 L

Bulk quantities are available upon request.


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Amazing protein and antibody production yields

FectoPRO® gives superior transfection efficiency leading to higher protein production yields in both suspension CHO and HEK-293 cells compared to other transfection reagents such as linear PEI


FectoPRO® is cost-effective

On top of the production yields improvement, FectoPRO® saves 40 to 60% on DNA cost by using 0.4 to 0.6 µg DNA / 10^6 cells / ml of cell culture; hence making this kit an affordable and economical solution for Bioproduction processes.


FectoPRO® is easily scalable

Thanks to its robust protocol easily adapted to various culture vessels, FectoPRO®-mediated transfection can be scaled linearly from 30 ml up to liters of cell culture without protocol adaptation making it a perfect solution to streamline your bioproduction process.


FectoPRO® is compatible with various commercially available expression systems using either HEK293 or CHO cells.

When used together with the FectoCHO® CD medium, FectoPRO® gives outstanding protein yields in combination with various CHO cell lines.

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Cupo et al, 2019
"The solution we identified was to eliminate the need for the ExpiCHO-S cell Enhancer component by using instead a different transfection medium culture system, FectoPRO® with Booster, with the ExpiCHO-S cells. We also note that the FectoPRO® with Booster system is ~40% cheaper than its ExpiFectamine CHO with Feed and Enhancer counterpart. This methodology change would therefore also provide cost savings." doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0215106.
Philippe F.
ProteoGenix SAS, France
"In our hands, FectoPRO® gives the highest protein production yields we ever reached using transient transfection. Our company offers custom services including protein production in mammalian cells. Being able to produce a lot more protein without revisiting our expression system opens a whole new range of possibilities for our antibody and protein production services."
Thomas C.
Biotech, Cambridge, MA, United States
“I have to admit I had low expectations for FectoPRO®. Perhaps a modest improvement in transfection … an extra 5-10%. J. did her first experiment yesterday and analyzed it today and the result was remarkable. I’m shocked by both the efficiency of transfection and the brightness of the GFP.”
James L.
Biotech company, United States
“FectoPRO® yields transient expression titers in HEK, matching or exceeding those from other suppliers, but at a fraction of the price.”
Jean-Philippe J.
Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
“2 x the yield for half the amount of transfection reagent = 4 x less cost. It is also very easy to use.”
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