Viral Vector for Gene and Cell Therapy

Gene and Cell Therapy rely on the use of modified viruses as vectors to transfer genes into cells that they are able to infect.  Modified viruses used as vectors are derived from adeno-associated viruses (AAV), lentiviruses, retroviruses and adenoviruses. These viral vectors first need to be produced in mammalian cells. Production of viral vectors is dependent on efficient transfection of one to several plasmid DNA containing the necessary viral genome to produce recombinant viral particles.

DNA/RNA therapeutics

Non-viral in vivo delivery reagents are the most powerful alternative to viral vectors for nucleic acid delivery. They offer substantial advantages in terms of reliability, safety and costs for nucleic-acid based therapies. Different quality grades of in vivo transfection reagents are available for proof concept studies, preclinical studies and clinical trials.

Life Science

Choose among a broad range of powerful transfection reagents specifically developed to enable you to reach the desired level of protein expression in a wide range of adherent and suspension mammalian cell types, primary and cell lines. Transfection reagents are ready-to-use with a pre-optimized protocol to ensure high transfection efficiency while preserving cell viability and morphology.

Protein Production

Protein production consists in overexpressing recombinant proteins (eg. antibodies) and peptides in bacteria, yeast or mammalian cell lines. When choosing to produce in bacteria or yeast, we offer a fully integrated protein manufacturing services Xpress Bioloigcs in bacteria and yeast from initial process development to manufacturing at research, HQ and GMP grade. Our flexible production platform allows us to easily produce at different scale from 100 mg up to 40 g.

When choosing to produce in mammalian cells, we offer a complete read-to-use solution to ensure efficent transfection of plasmid DNA encoding for the protein of interest both for transient and stable protein production. Transient protein expression allows generation of high protein amounts in a short amount of time and can offer a reliable alternative to production of stable cell lines for proof of concept studies and tools validation. Our range of products is specifically designed for protein production in CHO and HEK-293 cells and derivatives grown in suspension in synthetic serum-free media.

Nucleic Acids

We assist acadaemics, biotech and Pharma companies from R&D to manufacturing with end-to-end nucleic acid services, covering plasmid design, plasmid engineering, plasmid manufacturing at the scale and quality grade needed (research to GMP), plasmid sequencing and process development and manufacturing of new biologics (recombinant proteins, antibody fragments, biosimilars and biobetters).

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