Our state-of-the-art Whole Plasmid Sequencing Service provides high-quality and accurate sequencing of any plasmid, irrespective of size and complexity.

Our plasmid sequencing offers rapid availibility of results (from 3 working days uponplasmids reception). Beyond the data, our personalized consultations and competitive pricing make plasmid sequencing accessible to all researchers, with the possibility to sequence a single plasmid sample, or up to 96 samples in one run.






 Plasmid sequencing workflow 

Using the Illumina technology to perform our Next-Generation Sequencing, we combine read mapping and de novo assembly to generate a report for each circular molecule sequenced and analyzed. Results are available in a report, downloadable directly on your account.

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Get your whole plasmid sequencing from 3 working days!

Getting your sequencing results is now faster than ever. Ordering 12 plasmid sequencing or more, guarantees results availability within 3 working days upon sample receipt, ensuring rapid progress for your projects. Alternatively, our standard service offers comprehensive results from 2 weeks upon sample receipt. This fast turnaround time allows you to quickly obtain the sequence information you need to move forward with your research projects.

Our Expertise

We’ve invested years refining our understanding of plasmid structures, sequences, and variations. This expertise empowers us to deliver precise insights (also for de novo analysis) that fuel your research and applications. But we’re not just limited to data, we’re also your partners in deciphering the complexities of plasmid-related challenges. At Polyplus, you’re not simply accessing a sequencing service; you’re opening the door to a realm of plasmid mastery that’s ready to elevate your scientific journey.

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