We unleash the power of therapeutic proteins

Transient production of recombinant protein or monoclonal antibodies is an important step in research to study the behavior of a protein of interest in a cell, to screen and candidate proteins in early stages of therapeutic research and to enable modulation of molecular mechanism in many other fields of application.  

At Polyplus, our goal is to help you make this protein production step as seamless as possible by optimizing the genetic engineering of your plasmid of interest and the transient expression system, whether bacterial, yeast or mammalian cell-based to meet your requirements for protein yield, function and quality. 

Building on over 20 years of combined expertise in gene delivery and genetic engineering, we have developed leading technologies to ease your projects. 

Start your journey and discover how to achieve fast and efficient recombinant protein expression in mammalian cells

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Cell & Gene Therapy

Success of Gene and Cell Therapies is dependent on efficient production of viral vectors that require optimized transfection reagents and viral vector engineering

RNA/DNA Therapeutics

RNA/DNA in vivo delivery is the most powerful alternative to viral vectors for nucleic acid-based therapies. They offer substantial advantages in terms of reliability,safety and costs for nucleic-acid based therapies

Life Sciences

Optimised plasmid engineering and specific transfection reagents are key to enable protein expression in a wide range of adherent and suspension mammalian cell types