FectoPRO® is the reagent of choice for biomanufacturing of proteins in suspension as it has been developed for scientists interested in obtaining best possible results with mammalian Transient Gene Expression systems. FectoPRO® ensures highest transfection efficiencies and protein yields in CHO and HEK-293 cell lines grown in variety of media. Moreover FectoPRO® shows great cell viability, reproducibility and consistency in results. FectoPRO® outperforms any other commercially available reagent and allows to optimize mammalian bioproduction processes (whatever scale used) as it requires equally less DNA and reagent. 

For large or very-large scale experiments, you might want to consider PEIpro® as it is also very efficient in HEK-293 cells and cost-effective. 

In the case of protein production in an adherent system, PEIpro® or jetOPTIMUS® may be considered.  

FectoPRO® can be used without FectoPRO® booster, but it is recommended if you want to achieve high protein yields using low DNA amounts. 

FectoPRO® works beautifully in regular and high cell density systems. FectoPRO® allows to reach higher yields in a shorter timeframe – No need to wait for 7 or 12 days of cell growth to produce recombinant proteins. 

The optimal DNA amount, when used with themedium is 0.8 µg DNA per mL of cell culture as stated in the FectoCHO® Expression system protocol If you use FectoPRO® with any other media refer to the FectoPRO® protocol for guidance. However, it should be noted that with the synergistic association of the FectoCHO™ CD Expression medium and the FectoPRO® powerful transfection reagent you will obtain better protein production yields.  

For more informations and datas please visit our FectoCHO™ Expression system page. 

Both FectoPRO® and PEIpro® hasve been shown to work beautifully with HEK293 cells in suspension and serum-free media. But it depends on what your application is: FectoPRO® is used for protein production whereas PEIpro® is used for virus production. 

No, you don’t need to buy the medium first and the transfection reagent in a second time since the FectoCHO™ Expression system kit is perfectly suited to both adapt your cells to FectoCHO™ CD Expression medium and perform transfection using FectoPRO® transfection reagent. Indeed, in the FectoCHO™ Expression system kit (ref# 101000011), we provide you with 1L of medium and 1mL of transfection reagent, a perfect ratio of both reagents to allow you to conduct a full experiment from cell adaptation to protein production. Feel free to contact us for any pricing inquiry. 

Depending on the medium used, 1 mL FectoPRO® is sufficient to transfect between 500mL and 1L of culture. 

The DNA amount per mL is the same if you use either the FectoCHO®expression system or the ExpiCHO™ expression system in ExpiCHO™ cells. However keep in mind that, with FectoCHO®, you can obtain up to twice the protein production yield at a lower cost. 

FectoCHO® CD medium can be used for culture and transient protein expression with ExpiCHO® cells. However, it is important to note that it is not a plug and play system. A preliminary phase of adaptation and optimization is required.

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