Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) are the only clinically approved non-viral RNA delivery vehicle. Their safety has been demonstrated by the successes of mRNA vaccines after the recent coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 vaccines rapidly adopted LNPs due to their ease of formulation, protective properties, and large payload capacity. LNPs are now accelerating the development of mRNA therapeutic applications in humans beyond vaccination.

Further developments are still needed to improve biodistribution and stability of mRNA-LNPs while reducing their toxicity. The ionizable cationic lipid within the LNP formulation influences which organs are transfected as well as mRNA delivery efficiency and degradability. Polyplus developed a range of cationic lipids used in LNP formulation named LipidBrick®. These lipids can modulate physicochemical properties and impact subsequent potency and biodistribution of formulated LNPs while improving mRNA stability.

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