INTERFERin® is the reagent of choice for siRNA transfection, and works with as little as 1 nM siRNA. 

jetPRIME® is suited for siRNA delivery at higher concentrations (using 10 to 50 nM) and is recommended in case of DNA/siRNA co-delivery. 

Furthermore, if you want to deliver siRNA or miRNA in vivo, our best suited reagent for this application is in vivo-jetPEI®.

shRNA can be transfected via a plasmid vector or as oligonucleotides. If shRNA are transfected as oligonucleotides, then INTERFERin® is recommended. However, if a vector expressing the shRNA is used then jetOPTIMUS® jetPRIME is a more suitable reagent. For in vivo delivery of shRNA, we recommend using in vivo-jetPEI®.

Ourin vivojetPEI® is a powerful polymer-based reagent, suited for delivery of oligonucleotides to any animal model. The protocol is similar to a classical transfection: the nucleic acid and the reagent are just mixed and administered to the animal. 

We recommend using jetPRIME® reagent for delivery of single-stranded oligonucleotides. 

For plasmid DNA and ssODN co-transfection (e.g. CRISPR/Cas9 applications), please refer to the standard protocol we provide for DNA and siRNA co-transfection. 

Several types of molecules are abusively called miRNA. The term miRNA can refer to: 

  • mimic miRNA: these are structurally similar but not identical to siRNA and can be transfected with INTERFERin®. 
  • plasmid encoding for miRNA: this molecule can be transfected using jetOPTIMUS®. 
  • antimiR: this is a single-stranded nucleic acid designed to specifically bind to and inhibit endogenous microRNA; it can be transfected using INTERFERin®. 

For the same amount of transfected oligonucleotide, the number of delivered copies will be different depending on the oligonucleotide size (longer oligonucleotide: less copies, shorter oligonucleotide: more copies). Therefore, oligonucleotide amounts should be adjusted accordingly. 

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