A protein expression plasmid is a molecular biological and biotechnological tool designed to produce/express a protein of interest within a specific system of choice. The easy protein expression plasmid engineered by Polyplus carry the genetic features required by mammalian systems to synthetize and express the desired protein.


AmpR:  The prokaryotic ampicillin resistance cassette comprises the ampicillin promoter, the beta-lactamase gene and a terminator, to provide antibiotic resistance to bacteria expressing it.

Bgh-PA: The Bgh-PA (Bovine growth hormone PolyA) signal is the element that marks the end of gene transcription and allows for PolyAdenylation of the mRNA, essential for its processing, export and stability.

eZ-Ori: The e-Zyvec® Origin of replication is a high copy number origin of replication (pMB1 Ori) optimized by e-Zyvec for optimal assembly and plasmid amplification yield, in E.coli.

GOI: The GOI (gene of interest) is the coding sequence (up to 3kb within Polyplus easy plasmid) that you would like to express in your targeted cells.

Kozak: Is a sequence of nucleotides in eukaryotic mRNA that is recognized and used by the ribosome as the start site for translation.

Promoter: The promoter is the DNA sequence that will drive the expression of your Gene of interest (GOI). The expression level of your GOI is cell-typeand the promoter-dependent. In our easy plasmid offer  we propose a variety of promoters to fit your needs.

If you require a more specific set of features for your plasmid, we provide a fully customizable plasmid construction service, do not hesitate to contact us regarding your projects.

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