Process development to produce biotherapeutic protein and antibodies relies on successful developability assessment to move towards selection of high-performing stable cell lines for manufacturing. To accelerate this process, transient #transfection is an efficient method to produce milligram to gram quantities of recombinant proteins and antibodies.

Choosing the right transfection reagent and improving #plasmid #DNA engineering are key to overcome productivity challenges when working with a wide array of different types of proteins from therapeutic antibodies to difficult to express proteins.

Participants: Ludmila Dos Santos Silva, Scientific Support Specialist at Polyplus.

In this webinar we will present e-Zyvec our DNA optimisation service and demonstrate how FectoPRO® transfection reagent is the go to transfection reagent that combines productivity and flexibility in suspension CHO and HEK-293 cell lines (including high cell density cell lines) grown in various commercially available cell culture media.