LipidBrick® IM21.7c cationic lipids offer new possibilities in LNP engineering for RNA therapeutics and its Impact of a novel cationic lipid on both mRNA, LNP properties and in vivo biodistribution.

In this webinar Dr. Malik Hellal , Dr. Claire Guéguen and Dr. Julien Dépollier will present how Polyplus developed LipidBrick® IM21.7c to overcome current limitations of ionizable lipids by enabling a wider in vivo biodistribution and decreasing accumulation in the liver. LipidBrick® IM21.7c aims to to improve LNP formulation to meet the growing demand of the mRNA therapeutic market.

Learn more about how novel cationic lipid can address current challenges for mRNA therapeutics:

  • Improves efficiency of LNPs
  • Improves biodistribution of LNPs to broaden their use
  • Ensures drug and patient safety with improved particle stability
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