Ionizable lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) have been widely used for in vivo delivery of RNA therapeutics with the particular that they predominantly end up targeting the liver (Patisiran, BNTech162b, mRNA-1273). The current challenge is the use of commercially available lipids to have a better control over the biodistribution of the RNA once delivered systemically to target different organs and cell types.

Novel lipidic formulations using different cationic lipids were characterized and tested for mRNA delivery both in vitro and in vivo though intra-veinous and intramuscular injections to evaluate their stability, efficacy and biodistribution.

Our novel proprietary cationic lipid solves a current limit of LNPs to target different organs and cell types. Our novel lipidic formulations ensure the same efficacy as LNPs with ionizable lipids, while ensuring better biodistribution to target organs other than liver.

In this webinar we will present:

  • How to maintain same delivery efficacy cationic lipid vs. ionizable lipid for LNP formulation
  • How to achieve better biodistribution of LNPs by replacing ionizable lipid with cationic lipid.