Listen to the post-PEGS EU interview of trenzyme’s Director Reinhold Horlacher. We sat down virtually with Reinhold to get to know more about trenzyme’s strategy to support the scientific community in the development of serological tests and in the generation of high-affinity antibodies for novel vaccine candidates.

Reinhold Horlacher PhD

CSO and managing director, trenzyme, Reinhold has a long track record as a protein production and cell line development specialist. With 20 years of expertise, trenzyme is the service provider for highly customized cell line development and recombinant protein production from development to GMP-compliant production. Reinhol’s moto: finding the ideal solution for the individual requirements of trenzymes clients.


A. Nyamay'antu Alengo Nyamay’antu, PhD

Alengo is the Scientific Communication Specialist at Polyplus-transfection. Alengo is a globe trotter specialized in Protein Biochemistry and Biomedecine that is particularly keen on exchanging and discussing Science.

• trenzyme, its know-how and its mission
• Off the shelf recombinant SARS-CoV-2 proteins.
• Overcoming production of spike proteins challenges
• Critical parameters for protein production platform set-up
• XPOVAX, an innovative COVID-19 vaccine strategy


Find trenzyme presentation at PEGS EU 2020 Virtual congress below:

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