Messenger -transfection®, Vectura, 75 rue Marguerite Perey, 67400 Illkirch, France RNA transfection is a new solution for a wide variety of cells that are difficult to transfect with plasmid DNA including adherent (neurons or primary cells) and suspension cells (lymphocytes). This process has many advantages over DNA transfection: high percentage of transfected cells,
faster protein expression following transfection, and no risk of insertional mutagenesis in contrast to plasmid or viral vectors. In fact, mRNA is delivered and expressed in the cytoplasm and does not require to cross the nuclear membrane, one of the limiting steps in plasmid transfer. Furthermore, the last generation of modified mRNA reduces the toxicity and immune response usually induced by mRNA entry into the cytosol (1, 2). The transient nature of mRNA transfection is desirable for a number of applications, including cellular reprogramming, genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) and vaccines. Polyplus-transfection® has developed a novel mRNA transfection reagent (jetMESSENGER®) which outperforms the efficiency of DNA transfection. This poster will present the results obtained with various cell lines, fragile and primary cells.

Efficient mRNA Delivery in difficult-to-transfect cells with jetMESSENGER® Transfection Reagent

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