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DC2.4in vitromRNAjetMESSENGER
Shi Y. et al. (2022)

Theranostics 12, 3488-3502
Optimized mobilization of MHC class I- and II- restricted immunity by dendritic cell vaccine potentiates cancer therapy
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HeLain vitrolncRNAjetMESSENGER
Yoneda R. et al. (2020)

J Biol Chem 295, 5626-5639
Long noncoding RNA pncRNA-D reduces cyclin D1 gene expression and arrests cell cycle through RNA m6A modification
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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages, Mouse peritoneal macrophagesin vitromRNAjetMESSENGER
Herb M. et al. (2020)

J Vis Exp ,
Highly Efficient Transfection of Primary Macrophages with In Vitro Transcribed mRNA
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Mandal P. et al. (2020)

Biomedicines 8, 485
Exosome-Mediated Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts and Exocrine Cells into β-Like Cells and the Identification of Key miRNAs for Differentiation
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Ouranidis A. et al. (2021)

Vaccines (Basel) 9, 890
Biopharmaceutics 4.0, Advanced Pre-Clinical Development of mRNA-Encoded Monoclonal Antibodies to Immunosuppressed Murine Models
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HEK-293Tin vitromRNAjetMESSENGER
Kicmal TM. et al. (2019)

J Virol 93, e01054-19
Polyamine Depletion Abrogates Enterovirus Cellular Attachment
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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesin vitromRNAjetMESSENGER
Zhang H. et al. (2022)

Front Cell Dev Biol 9, 782427
5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Alleviates Inflammatory Lung Injury by Inhibiting Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation
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HAP1in vitrolncRNAjetMESSENGER
Yoneda R. et al. (2021)

Int J Mol Sci 22, 11014
m 6 A Modified Short RNA Fragments Inhibit Cytoplasmic TLS/FUS Aggregation Induced by Hyperosmotic Stress
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RAW 264.7in vitromRNAjetMESSENGER
Xue JY. et al. (2021)

J Bone Miner Res ,
SLC4A2 Deficiency Causes a New Type of Osteopetrosis
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ex vivo porcine skin modelin vitromRNAin vivo-jetPEI, jetMESSENGER
Darade AR. et al. (2022)

Pharmaceutics 14, 151
Effect of mRNA Delivery Modality and Formulation on Cutaneous mRNA Distribution and Downstream eGFP Expression
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