Comprehensive characterization data of the LNPs produced (physical properties, encapsulation efficiency, and stability) will be presented. Additionally, our presenters will delve deeper into the benefits provided by different lipids from the library in various applications (e.g. vaccination, extrahepatic tropism, T cell engineering), in order to demonstrate the value of screening the library to identify the best suited lipid formulations for specific therapeutic objectives.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • A novel imidazolium-based lipid library: LipidBrick®
  • The benefits of innovative lipids on the properties of LNPs, whether as a total replacement for the ionizable lipid or as a complement.
  • New horizons for RNA therapeutics developers seeking to cure extrahepatic diseases or avoid off-target hepatic effects.

Watch this Webinar

Our experts Ian Villamagna and Brooke Benson presenting and discussing the utilization of an innovative library of imidazolium-based lipids in the formulation of LNPs will be showcased, highlighting their potential to fully replace or complement ionizable lipids.