At Polyplus, we do not create vectors by inserting a sequence of interest into a predesigned (unmodifiable) vector backbone. We assemble ready-to-use vectors in a single and controlled reaction from a series of DNA bricks, so each product will contain all, and only, the required genetic features, including your sequence(s) of interest (SOI). When designing a new vector, our in-house software will analyse all the required genetic features and their predicted arrangement, i.e. their position and orientation in the desired vector. Enlisted features are matched to DNA bricks or templates already existing in our virtual database. The software will then help us to design new DNA bricks containing any unmatched features (typically customers’ SOI), so that these new bricks will be fully compatible with the existing ones. By analysing both existing bricks and the SOIs to be included, our software also determines the best-suited of our four standardised assembly protocols.

How do I create a plasmid with e-Zyvec® technology?

Traditional cloning often relies on a predefined plasmid backbone containing an MCS (multiple cloning site) that can be opened with selected restriction enzymes. This then allows a fragment of DNA to be inserted into the opened region, forming a new plasmid construct. While widely used in the lab, this technology does not allow easy modifications outside the MCS, thus limiting the possibility of sequence and structure optimization. As more nucleic acids-based therapies are developed and moved through the clinic, the precise design of the whole plasmid content has become a well-known aspect to consider for the efficacy and efficiency of the therapy as well as the size of the plasmid.

Polyplus e-Zyvec® technology offers creative ways to build unique tailor-made plasmids and provides an easy solution to complex constructs. More specifically, we engineer your entire plasmid into several linear fragments, and assemble them into a full construct in a one-step enzymatic reaction. These DNA fragments, known as the building blocks of the final plasmid, are carefully designed by our plasmid engineering specialists using our in-house developed software allowing maximal assembly success rate. We believe this offers scientists a solution to create a tailor-made plasmid or to optimize any region of an original plasmid in a timely fashion no longer limited to pre-existing backbones.

Fig: Our innovative e-Zyvec® technology give us the flexibility to assemble various genetic features into a unique tailor-made plasmid construct without the need of any entry vector. 


It’s a 3-step process

How best to describe a plasmid than actually design it?   

  • Plasmid will be drafted from the specifics of your project.
  • From there, everything will be intuitively adjustable to your needs with our unique drag and drop system.
  • Pick any genetic features from our ever-growing database, or simply paste any custom sequence anywhere within the construct. Nothing is restricted!




Design your Plasmid




To inquire about the plasmid engineering service, You can email us directly at or fill out the below form for our plasmid specialist to contact you.

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