A new article on Zip Nucleic Acid (ZNA®) has been published in The Glen Report of May 2016 (Volume 28, Number 1). ZNA® are powerful cationic oligonucleotides especially designed for molecular biology, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

ZNA molecules

ZNA® are a novel class of modified oligonucleotides enhancing hybridization properties of nucleic acids. ZNA® are oligonucleotides conjugated to cationic units. Their global charge can be modulated by the number of cationic spermine moieties grafted on each oligonucleotide. The ZNA® technology is applicable to any application involving oligonucleotides. However, the global charge of ZNA defines per se the fields of applications.

When negatively charged, ZNA® conserve their ability to mediate specific hybridization with complementary strands and they are more suitable for PCR applications, amplifications techniques, and diagnostic applications or purifications technologies.

Structure of a ZNA molecule

On the contrary, positively charged ZNA® are more likely to mediate first a non-specific binding/interaction with polyanions through electrostatic interactions before their possible specific hybridization to a target sequence through bases pairing. ZNA® molecules bearing excess of cationic charges were shown to have the property to stick to anionic cells surface and to trigger endocytosis, leading to cell transfection without the need of a transfection reagent (or a cargo). ZNA®-based siRNAs or antisenses were shown to perform effective and specific gene silencing and inhibition in animal cells.

ZNA hybridization

About Glen Research

Glen Research is a biotechnology company that develops and sells material used for diagnostics, sequencing and therapeutics. This Polyplus-transfection partner has added ZNA® to its large range of products after recognizing its efficiency. Twice a year, Glen Research publishes a report presenting different technologies and this year, ZNA® is featured!

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Many scientific publications have been released regarding ZNA®. You can see some publications in the ZNA® page in the tab “citations”.

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