Greiner Bio-One® and Polyplus-transfection® organised a 45 min long webinar on June 02nd, 2016.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed and dowloaded HERE.

Bioproduction describes the manufacturing process of biological compounds such as recombinant proteins or antibodies. Essential for all subsequent processing steps is the establishment of a well-performing starter culture. An optimised transfection in small scale is one of the first steps to successfully create a stable or transiently protein-producing cell line. In this webinar, we give you an overview on the bioprocessing workflow with an emphasis on how transfection conditions influence the outcome of protein production.

Mathieu Porte, bioproduction project leader at Polyplus-transfection®, and Dr. Thomas Schreiber, product manager for cell culture products at Greiner Bio-One®, discuss how to optimise transfection in a bioproduction process to increase protein yields.

The webinar starts with an introduction into bioproduction and transient protein production. Then, experimental conditions (transfection, protein expression, cell viability and scalability) are reviewed. Finally, our experts discuss about troubleshooting and answer questions regarding bioproduction.

Feel free to visit our FectoPRO® page. FectoPRO® is a transfection reagent especially designed for high protein yields in CHO & HEK293 cell systems.

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Greiner Bio-one Webinar 2016