Genetherapy viral vector manufacturers strive to reduce time to market and cost per dose to ensure treatment affordability and patient access. Approved and commercialized AAV-based gene therapies Luxturna® and Zolgensma®, for patients suffering from vision loss and spinal muscular atrophy, are the first of many gene therapies that are expected to reach the market in the coming years. One major bottleneck is the cost per dose of the treatments, with Luxturna® costing almost half a million dollars per eye and Zolgensma® reaching two million dollars.

In this Ask the expert webinar with Polyplus and  Pall Corporation, topics covered are:

  • What have we learned from marketed gene therapies?
  • How can we rely on cost-modelling to reduce manufacturing cost of viral vectors?
  • What innovative tools in the gene therapy space can bring the cost of viral vector manufacturing down?

With Emmanuelle Cameau , Strategic Technology Partnership Leader, Cell and Gene Therapy, Pall Corporation & Maxime DUMONT, Cell & Gene Therapy Product Manager, Polyplus.