Géraldine Guérin-Peyrou, Technical Support & Marketing Manager at Polyplus-transfection, has been interviewed during the 46th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in San Diego (CA, United States) on November 13-16th, 2016. G. Guérin-Peyrou discusses transfection trends. She provides an overview of solutions for hard-to-transfect cells such as nondiving cells or sensitive cells (neurons, primary cells, cancer cells, etc…).

mRNA transfection is as easy as DNA transfection, with the advantage that mRNA does not need to reach the cell nucleus for expression nor require cell division for efficient gene expression. Hence, cells that are slow dividing or that have developed specific mechanisms to protect their genome can finally be used for gene expression. Moreover, modified mRNA are more stable than standard ones and permit a long gene expression as long as DNA. Many companies provide these modified mRNA or different kits for making your own mRNA in house.

Polyplus-transfection® developed jetMESSENGER®, a mRNA transfection reagent especially designed for difficult to transfect cells. Our transfection reagent can be used for different applications such as gene expression, genome editing (ex: CRISPR), stem cell differentiation, cell reprogramming and immunotherapy. jetMESSENGER® is highly efficient and gentle for cells that permit a relevant gene expression in almost all cell types. More information are available on jetMESSENGER® page.

Interview filmed by The Scientist.

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