Nucleic acids have considerable potential as therapeutic agents in the treatment of pathologies including genetic diseases, viral infections, and cancer therapies. The major challenge for the use of nucleic acids in therapy lies in safe delivery of these anionic macromolecules to their intended sites of action. Our cationic polymer-based reagent, in vivo-jetPEI®, was tested for plasmid DNA and siRNA in vivo delivery through intravenous and intraperitoneal injections in mice to evaluate its efficacy, safety and biodistribution. Here we demonstrate that in vivo-jetPEI® can efficiently and safely deliver various nucleic acids in vivo to target a wide range of tissues, through various routes of administrations. Furthermore, in vivo-jetPEI® is widely acknowledged to deliver nucleic acids in animals; and coherently is selected as the delivery vector of choice in several drug development programs, notably for cancer therapies. To fulfill all the quality requirements associated to its use in Human, Polyplus® supplies a cGMP grade in vivo-jetPEI® reagent for a growing number of clinical trials.


in vivo-jetPEI®, an alternative to lipid-based reagents or viral vectors for nucleic acid-mediated therapies

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