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HEK-293, RAW 264.7in vitroDNA, siRNAjetPRIME
Ailenberg, M. et al. (2015)

Br J Pharmacol 172, 3748-63
Dynasore enhances the formation of mitochondrial antiviral signalling aggregates and endocytosis-independent NF-kappaB activation
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JEG-3in vitroDNA, siRNAjetPRIME
Alahari, S. et al. (2015)

Endocrinology 156, 3012-25
Jumonji Domain Containing Protein 6: A Novel Oxygen Sensor in the Human Placenta
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COS-7in vitroDNAjetPRIME
Allaire, P. D. et al. (2010)

Mol Cell 37, 370-82
The Connecdenn DENN domain: a GEF for Rab35 mediating cargo-specific exit from early endosomes
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Human blood monocyte-derived macrophagesin vitrosncRNAjetPRIME
Althaus, C. F. et al. (2012)

Retrovirology 9, 27
Tailored enrichment strategy detects low abundant small noncoding RNAs in HIV-1 infected cells
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Andrews, C. D. et al. (2015)

Sci Transl Med 7, 270ra4
A long-acting integrase inhibitor protects female macaques from repeated high-dose intravaginal SHIV challenge
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COS-7in vitroDNAjetPRIME
Antal, C. E. et al. (2015)

Cell Rep 12, 1252-60
Intramolecular C2 Domain-Mediated Autoinhibition of Protein Kinase C betaII
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COS-7in vitroDNAjetPRIME
Antal, C. E. et al. (2015)

Cell 160, 489-502
Cancer-associated protein kinase C mutations reveal kinase’s role as tumor suppressor
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Huh7in vitrosiRNAjetPRIME
Arnaud, N. et al. (2011)

PLoS Pathog 7, e1002289
Hepatitis C virus reveals a novel early control in acute immune response
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Human primary melanoma cellsin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Askou, A. L. et al. (2015)

Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev 2, 14064
Multigenic lentiviral vectors for combined and tissue-specific expression of miRNA- and protein-based antiangiogenic factors
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HEK-293Tin vitroDNAjetPRIME
Awad, R. et al. (2015)

FEBS Open Bio 5, 99-106
The SH3 regulatory domain of the hematopoietic cell kinase Hck binds ELMO via its polyproline motif
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