Introducing foreign nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells is a key step in many Life Science research labs.  

In recognition of the diverse needs across academic research, Polyplus attaches great priority on proposing a comprehensive portfolio tailored to meet your specific requirements. High transfection efficiency, Cell integrity preservation, Cost-effectiveness and Time-saving experimentation are the benchmarks fulfilled by our six Research Grade Transfection Reagents.  

Have a look on the key specifications of each of our product that will help you in choosing the best options depending on:  

  • The Molecule to be delivered 
  • The Cells to be transfected  
  • The Application 


Additionally, as modifying genetic expression heavily relies on appropriate designed plasmids, Polyplus also provides plasmid engineering services to quickly optimize your plasmid sequence.  

Discover our Transfection Reagents and Plasmid Engineering Service to unlock a fascinating world of possibilities : 


jetOPTIMUS® is a powerful transfection reagent that improves cellular uptake and endosomal escape of DNA in adherent cells resulting in higher transfection efficiency, even in hard to transfect cells.  Tested on various primary cells and cancer cell lines, jetOPTIMUS® proved its superiority by reaching higher transfection efficiencies and gene expression with minimal impact on cell viability and morphology. 

jetOPTIMUS® is highly efficient for DNA delivery for various applications, such as transient and stable gene expression, CRISPR genome editing using DNA approach, as well as virus production in small scale. 

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jetPRIME® is a polyvalent transfection reagent that ensures effective and reproducible DNA and siRNA transfection in several adherent cell lines. This versatile reagent is also perfect for co-transfection of DNA and siRNA. Transfection with jetPRIME® requires only low amounts of nucleic acid, hence resulting in very low cytotoxicity. 

jetPRIME® is suited for different applications, such as plasmid transfection, gene silencing, co-transfection of different nucleic acids, and CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene knock-out. 

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jetMESSENGER® is a highly efficient and gentle mRNA transfection reagent. jetMESSENGER® has been specifically designed to offer outstanding transfection efficiency in cells that are usually difficult to transfect, such as primary cells, cancer cell lines, neurons, and stem cells. jetMESSENGER® can also be used on a wide variety of easy to transfect cells. Transfection with jetMESSENGER® leads to very low cytotoxicity as it requires low amounts of mRNA and low volumes of reagent.   

jetMESSENGER® is perfectly suited for gene expression, CRISPR gene editing, iPS generation, stem cell differentiation and immunotherapy assays.

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INTERFERin® provides very high silencing efficiency already at 1 nM siRNA and can be used in a wide variety of adherent and suspension cells. Using low concentration of siRNA avoids off-target effects, and its gentle mode of action ensure more robust data and excellent cell viability. Easy to use thanks to its compatibility with serum and antibiotics, INTERFERin® is also perfectly suited for transfection of miRNA and other oligonucleotides like pre-miRNA, mimic miRNA, antimiR. 

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Plasmid Engineering Service

Our online plasmid design platform offers a unique intuitive interface to modularly create any kind of plasmid, to fit your experimental needs. This allows us to robustly assemble the desired plasmids, regardless of sequence complexity. All our products can also be up-scaled from discovery grade, to R&D, to HQ and to GMP grades.

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Cell & Gene Therapy

Success of Gene and Cell Therapies is dependent on efficient production of viral vectors that require optimized transfection reagents and viral vector engineering

RNA/DNA Therapeutics

RNA/DNA in vivo delivery is the most powerful alternative to viral vectors for nucleic acid-based therapies. They offer substantial advantages in terms of reliability,safety and costs for nucleic-acid based therapies

Protein Production

Broad range of solutions is needed for manufacturing of functional  proteins or antibodies at the desired scale in bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell expression systems

Life Sciences

Optimised plasmid engineering and specific transfection reagents are key to enable protein expression in a wide range of adherent and suspension mammalian cell types