Polyplus-transfection® launches versatile and powerful transfection reagent for DNA and siRNA

jetPRIME® expands rich catalogue of innovative reagents

Strasbourg, France, May 11th, 2009 – Polyplus-transfection® SA, a company specialized in research, development and marketing of innovative reagents for transfection and nucleic acid-based therapies, today announced the launch of jetPRIME®, a new versatile and powerful reagent for DNA and siRNA transfection.

jetPRIME® brings pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers a number of advantages over most competitive offerings in the marketplace for day-to-day transfection experiments. The versatile reagent may be used for DNA as well as siRNA transfection in order to conduct transient gene expression studies and gene silencing by RNA interference. jetPRIME® is very efficient regardless of the nucleic acid delivered and gentle to cells because it uses smaller amounts of both nucleic acid and reagent compared to most reagents on the market. Furthermore, jetPRIME® is adapted to co-transfection of DNA and siRNA.

“Today’s announcement of jetPRIME® brings a significant new extension to our range and demonstrates Polyplus-transfection’s ability to develop powerful transfection reagents,” said Frédéric Perraud, CEO of Polyplus-transfection. “It also shows our commitment to continually improve our core business – the development of innovative solutions for transfection and therapeutic nucleic acid delivery.”

Note to editors

Gene transfection consists in introducing a plasmid into the nucleus of a cell to produce a protein that may affect the cell. Understanding gene function potentially leads to the development of therapeutic strategies against diseases. Transient gene transfection is also a means of producing viruses or recombinant proteins used in therapy.

In contrast, siRNA transfection only requires delivery of siRNA into the cytoplasm of a cell to block gene expression. The ability to silence a gene permits the understanding of its function, and helps learning about mechanisms of disease caused by the misregulation of specific genes.

Polyplus-transfection – jetPRIME launch (English version)

Polyplus-transfection – jetPRIME launch (French version)