Meet Polyplus at booth #29 during the RNA Leaders Europe in Basel, Switzerland on 13th - 14th March 2024. Dont miss the opportunity to check our poster presentations on an innovative cationic lipid library for efficient and tunable mRNA-LNPs.

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RNA Leaders Europe brings together innovation and commercialization of RNA therapeutics and vaccines through dynamic partnerships. Come and meet key industry players to explore new data, evaluate the latest technologies and forge collaborations essential to bringing new medical discoveries to market in the RNA field.

Complementary to its well-established range of upstream bioprocessing solutions to produce viral vectors for Gene and Cell therapies, Polyplus® has been developing non-viral delivery solutions for over 20 years, helping to meet the challenges of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo RNA/DNA delivery. As an innovator in the field of nucleic acid delivery, Polyplus® has recently developed a new range of cationic lipids, named LipidBrick® dedicated to the formulation of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). These active lipids protect the mRNA molecules and play an important role in the transfection capacity of LNPs. Importantly, by being based on an imidazolium polar head, LipidBrick® broadens the spectrum of current LNP applications in terms of potency and biodistribution by adding an overall positive charge to LNPs: this translates into greater delivery of mRNA to the lungs and/or the spleen while reducing accumulation in the liver compared to LNPs based on ionizable lipids.


Poster Presentation:

An innovative cationic lipid library for efficient and tunable mRNA-LNPs

Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) have demonstrated high efficiency delivering RNA therapeutics in vivo. However, the properties of such nanoparticles obtained with conventional ionizable lipids are often hard to modulate,and especially their biodistribution profile. Such ionizable lipid-based nanoparticles often predominantly end up targeting the liver. One of the current challenges in the field consists of adjusting the particle chemical composition to the targeted application. Here, we have characterized a library of 10 innovative imidazolium-based cationic lipids as key component of cationic LNPs (cLNP). We disclose their chemical structures and demonstrate their efficacy generating LNPs through characterization of their hydrodynamic diameters, Zeta potentials and encapsulation efficiencies. The resulting particles display high transfection efficiencies and have little to no impact on cell viability in vitro, on HEK-293 and CaCo-2 cell lines. In vivo, the biodistribution of the cLNP highly depends on the cationic lipid chemical structures, targeting mainly lungs and spleen. Among this library, we have identified one cationic lipid as a potent additive in Moderna‘s Spikevax formulation.

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