Since its creation, Polyplus-transfection® is committed to meet the needs and growing expectations of customers. To meet its liabilities, the company continuously aims to develop and sell innovative and high quality products, thanks to certification.

To certify the quality of its products and services, Polyplus-transfection® is organized around a Quality Management System (QMS). This strategic view and type of system is accepted and integrated at any level of the company, from the management to the operator. The management defines the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives. This system ensures the standardization and compliance of the work methods to reduce lower manufacturing costs. The QMS is also defined by all the quality actions deployed on site, ie: control of the documentation system, control of the realization process, lot of quality controls and answers of all stakeholders (subcontractors, customers, suppliers, employees…) needs & requirements.

To control and improve its results, Polyplus-transfection® has defined and driven its risks and opportunities in accordance with the PDCA model for continuous improvement.

The company’s development and the ISO 9001 certification for all its activities since its creation in 2002, are clear evidences of the efficiency of the QMS in place. The strategic vision and the implication of the company to improve performance and sales of high quality products has been rewarded. In fact, Polyplus-transfection® is the first small company in France to have been upgraded to the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 accreditation during a surveillance audit last October 2016.

Certification Available

All of these elements indorse the performances of Polyplus-transfection® to respond as fully as possible to customer expectations.