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Mouse bone marrow-derived macrophagesin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Baroja-Mazo, A. et al. (2014)

Nat Immunol 15, 738-48
The NLRP3 inflammasome is released as a particulate danger signal that amplifies the inflammatory response
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EA.hy926, THP-1in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Bradburne, C. E. et al. (2013)

Bioconjug Chem 24, 1570-83
Cytotoxicity of quantum dots used for in vitro cellular labeling: role of QD surface ligand, delivery modality, cell type, and direct comparison to organic fluorophores
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SH-SY5Yin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Capitini, C. et al. (2014)

PLoS ONE 9, e86720
TDP-43 inclusion bodies formed in bacteria are structurally amorphous, non-amyloid and inherently toxic to neuroblastoma cells
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TPC-1in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Cassinelli, G. et al. (2009)

Neoplasia 11, 10-21
RET/PTC1-driven neoplastic transformation and proinvasive phenotype of human thyrocytes involve Met induction and beta-catenin nuclear translocation
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HUVEC, NCI-H460in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Cassinelli, G. et al. (2006)

Mol Cancer Ther 5, 2388-97
Inhibition of c-Met and prevention of spontaneous metastatic spreading by the 2-indolinone RPI-1
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HEK-293Tin vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Chiu, Y. H. et al. (2010)

Mol Pharmacol 77, 497-507
Dominant-negative regulation of cell surface expression by a pentapeptide motif at the extreme COOH terminus of an Slo1 calcium-activated potassium channel splice variant
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A549in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Delehanty, J. B. et al. (2011)

J Am Chem Soc 133, 10482-9
Spatiotemporal multicolor labeling of individual cells using peptide-functionalized quantum dots and mixed delivery techniques
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COS-1in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Delehanty, J. B. et al. (2009)

Anal Bioanal Chem 393, 1091-105
Delivering quantum dots into cells: strategies, progress and remaining issues
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m-ICcl2, RAW 264.7in vitroProtein/Peptide/Antibody, siRNAINTERFERin, PULSin
Duerr, C. U. et al. (2009)

PLoS Pathog 5, e1000567
O-antigen delays lipopolysaccharide recognition and impairs antibacterial host defense in murine intestinal epithelial cells
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HC, Huh7, HuS-E/2in vitroProtein/Peptide/AntibodyPULSin
Fukuhara, T. et al. (2011)

Microbes Infect 13, 405-12
Intracellular delivery of serum-derived hepatitis C virus
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