Strasbourg, France, 23rd  August 2023 – Polyplus part of Satorius, a leading upstream solutions provider for advanced biologic and cell and gene therapy production from research to commercial grade, is announcing the pre-order availability of FectoVIR®-LV transfection reagent for lentiviral vector (LV) production. New design of experiment (DoE) services can also be booked complimentary with Polyplus experts to optimize transfection conditions for improved LV vector titers and quality in suspension systems.

“LV vector production is currently considered the carrier of choice for gene-modified cell therapy such as CAR-T and stem cell therapies. But as advancements continue in both the autologous and allogeneic cell therapy sectors, the quantity of LV required to treat a patient will grow. Producers must be able to scale their processes to increase the dose, while still paying close attention to the time and cost of manufacturing,” said Mario Philips, CEO at Polyplus. “Along with the introduction of design of experiment (DoE) services we can help innovators and contract manufacturers teams review process parameters and run experiments to optimize transfection.”

FectoVIR®-LV is a next generation transfection that helps to improve LV productivity in suspension HEK-293 cell systems. The reagent is free of animal components and designed for large scale manufacturing with reduction of the complexation volume and increased complex stability.

“Manufacturers see much better results working with reagents that are both specific to the process, and easily scalable to meet process demands,” said Patrick Erbacher, CSO “Our team has long been an innovator in nucleic acid delivery with a comprehensive range of process-centric reagents. The addition of FectoVIR®-LV allows manufacturers of these innovative therapies to increase the number of doses produced per batch to treat more patients, while decreasing manufacturing costs. Our owned and secured supply chain is an additional benefit ensuring that processes are not interrupted.”

About Polyplus

Polyplus, part of Sartorius, is a leading upstream solutions provider for advanced biologic and cell and gene therapy production from research to commercial scale. The legacy nucleic acid delivery portfolio features process-centric transfection reagents, kits, and support services including bioproduction industry standard, PEIpro® and FectoVIR®-AAVIn 2020, the company began focusing on upstream bioprocess economic optimization with the addition of custom plasmid vector design, GMP transfection reagent and plasmid manufacturing with an internalized supply chain designed to meet strict scientific and regulatory standardsHeadquartered in Europe, the Polyplus team continues to grow globally with operations in the United States and Asia. 

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