Why Polyplus?
So, why would you want to come and work at Polyplus?
Well, we think there is a whole load of great, sustainable and important reasons why you should consider
Polyplus® for your next career step.

Here are our top 5 reasons to join Polyplus

We are supporting innovative therapy discovery & development that improves lives globally

The whole team is focused on helping customers find success with innovative nucleic acid delivery products and services. Our ready-to-ship, fit for purpose products are designed with the cells in mind, enabling safe and efficient delivery of the biomolecule across modalities. Every order is shipped express with long shelf lives and is backed up with fast and efficient technical support from a real person.

We have a great working environment with dynamic and qualified teams

Our working culture is open, supportive, and fair. We know that individual contributions are important and celebrate these successes. But to truly flourish, we realize the value of working as a team focused on merit, quality, and consistency. Every day we are committed to the culture of creativity and collaboration we need to thrive.

We are a growing company, yet each person can make a difference

Whether you are just establishing your career, or many years in, our team is focused on professional growth. Various opportunities exist for formal training, coupled with transparent on-the-job experience with the day-to-day business of the Company. Our industry leading processes, tools and performance metrics continue to evolve with the industry, and our approachable size means will have the opportunity to make a real difference.

We believe in a healthy work life balance

Our employee acquisition, training and retention programs are guided by a concern for the well-being of our employees. We offer strong insurance and wages, flexible work formats, profit sharing, organized socials events, and more.

We have fun at work! 

Every time you read a business book, there is talk about the importance of culture and fun at work. At Polyplus we have a lot of fun working on interesting projects that help our customers solve challenging problems to improve global health. We also have fun helping each other achieve our individual goals and collective targets. And we have been known to throw a great BBQ or Raclette Party, or just enjoy a local lunch or breakfast together.

What Polyplus environment offers to work towards Innovation solutions

What we offer


Our physical network continues to grow across Europe, Asia and US with a large footprint in France and Belgium. We are continually working to develop our network of purpose-driven employees to align with a growing list of valued customers and partners enabling the next generation of therapies.


Polyplus was founded with a passion for science and a deep understanding of our responsibility to the drug developers and manufacturers we support. Our team is regularly learning as our portfolio evolves to help your team optimize the upstream process economics of the discovery and commercialization of life saving medicines.


We are proud to say that our facility operations and daily habits are designed to be more sustainable, always taking into consideration our environmental impact. With most of our supply chain internalized, we are also able to minimize our carbon footprint.


Building from a passion for science, our team is serious about innovation. We are focused on supporting the diversification of modalities across the industry and the drive to achieve better manufacturing standards with fit for purpose materials.