Alexis MARTIN | Logistics coordinator  

Claire WARTEL | Quality and Regulatory Affairs Director

Ludmila DOS SANTOS SILVA | Scientific Support Specialist 

Malik HELLAL | Director Chemistry R&D 

Maxime DUMONT | Global Product Manager

Mélissa GUYOT |  Corporate Development Manager 

Szymon HOLUBOWICZ | Business Manager EMEA

What Polyplus environment offers to work towards Innovation solutions

What we offer


Our physical network continues to grow across Europe, Asia and US with a large footprint in France and Belgium. We are continually working to develop our network of purpose-driven employees to align with a growing list of valued customers and partners enabling the next generation of therapies.


Polyplus was founded with a passion for science and a deep understanding of our responsibility to the drug developers and manufacturers we support. Our team is regularly learning as our portfolio evolves to help your team optimize the upstream process economics of the discovery and commercialization of life saving medicines.


We are proud to say that our facility operations and daily habits are designed to be more sustainable, always taking into consideration our environmental impact. With most of our supply chain internalized, we are also able to minimize our carbon footprint.


Building from a passion for science, our team is serious about innovation. We are focused on supporting the diversification of modalities across the industry and the drive to achieve better manufacturing standards with fit for purpose materials.