Meet our team at the booth #514 during Peptalk USA, in San Diego (USA), January 20-24, 2020 !

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Poster FectoCHO®

Advanced CHO Cell Expression System for Increased Transient Protein Production

The growing need in the biopharmaceutical market for various recombinant proteins and antibodies produced in a short time requires an efficient and flexible system. Transient expression is a commonly used process to face this demand but is unfortunately limited by transfection efficiency and inherent productivity, especially with CHO cells. To overcome this issue, we developed an advanced transient expression system consisting in the synergistic association of a novel CHO chemically defined medium and a powerful transfection reagent. First, we show that this innovative medium allows easy cultivation of various strains of CHO cells without the need of an extensive sequential adaptation. In a second time, through the protocol optimization of a technologically advanced transfection solution, we demonstrate a major increase in our recombinant proteins yields.

Poster PEIpro®-GMP

Addressing Large-Scale Therapeutic Virus Production Using High Quality Grade PEI-based Transfection Reagents

Gene and cell therapy-based medicines are experiencing resurgence due to the introduction of “next generation” transfer viral vectors, which have demonstrated improved safety and efficacy. Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) and Lentivirus are very commonly used in therapeutics and often produced using PEI-mediated transient transfection in HEK-293 or HEK-293T cells. The critical raw materials needed for cGMP vector production must be sourced from approved suppliers and should have gone through a rigorous testing program to reduce the risk of introducing adventitious agents into the production process. Polyplus-transfection now provides PEIpro®, the unique PEI-based transfection reagents available in different quality grades, allowing a seamless transition from process development with PEIpro®-HQ to cGMP biomanufacturing with PEIpro®-GMP.

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Meet our team at the booth #514 during Peptalk USA

The convention took place at Hilton San Diego Bayfront:

1 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA, United States