The cooperation between Chemie Brunschwig AG and Polyplus-transfection® has begun in 2004. Based in Basel, your distributor Chemie Brunschwig AG employs 20 people and today has a reputation as a reliable distributor of high quality products and services. Since its foundation in 1948, Chemie Brunschwig AG has specialized in promoting and distributing fine chemicals and life sciences products in Switzerland, throughout the country, including major cities such as Basel, Geneva, Bern or Zürich.

Chemie Brunschwig AG distributes over 1‘000‘000 products to laboratories for R&D, analysis and production from industries, universities, hospitals, research centers and analytical labs. Amongst our products portfolio, we offer a wide range of products and consumables for cell biology, tissue culture, proteomics and genomics.

Chemie Brunschwig AG business consists of giving to the Swiss customers the benefit of our expertise and service by offering them the scientific, technical and/or financial solution that is most relevant for their needs. Chemie Brunschwig AG daily leitmotiv is “we will never do enough for our customer, but let’s try…”. This slogan means that your distributor supplies high quality services such as fast answers to your technical inquiries, flexibility for particular demands and deliveries within 2-3 days for the majority of the Polyplus transfection® products.

The close relationship between Chemie Brunschwig AG and Polyplus transfection® remains unchanged since 2004 and both companies will offer you efficient services for each of your request.

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