The Polyplus-transfection partner Bionics has started its business on 1999 for DNA synthesis with Bio Basic Inc, Canda. In 2001, your South Korean distributor Bionics launched the DNA sequencing and reinforced the DNA synthesis system. Polyplus-transfection products are now available from your distributor.

For 20 years history, Bionics authenticated genetic testing company, Inno-biz and ISO9001. For continuous developing the products and the services, Bionics has a patent for the primers identifying shiitake (Patent No. : 10-2008-0094293) and part of plant virus banking system (Patent No. 10-1112181). Also, Bionics achieved the agreement for technical cooperation with major universities and the institutes, ie Kyonggi University, Sangmyong University, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul Women University, Kangwon University, Sangji University, Hanyang University, KCDC and C&K Genomics.

In 2016, Bionics jump up by setting up the joint-venture with BBI Lifescience and become one of biggest company in life science market in Korea. During M&A of Bionics, professional team has joined and they can contribute the Bionics growth as well as the Korean life science market.

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