Meet our Team at our booth#13 - #16 to hear our expert Marine HOUDOU talk about our unique plasmid DNA enginnering services and online plasmid drawing platform.

Our team

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  Marine HOUDOU Ph.D., Genetic Engineering Application Specialist at Polyplus®. 


Talk : Introduction to Polyplus online plasmid drawing platform Room 205 May 12 2023 12:00

Plasmid engineering service based on an innovative assembly technology (e-Zyvec®) to produce tailor-made plasmid with >99% success rate! Our plasmid engineering services is specialized in generating Tailor-made DNA plasmids.

We offer a unique and interactive approach to design and produce your plasmids, using an innovative technology  and an online plasmid design platform. With our services, we do not create plasmids by inserting a sequence of interest into a predesigned (unmodifiable) plasmid backbone.

We assemble ready-to-use plasmid in a single and controlled reaction, so each product will contain all, and only, the required genetic features, and only wanted sequences.

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