An shRNA expression plasmid is a molecular biology and biotechnology tool designed to perform knock-down expression of a specific protein, in a host cells. We developed the easy shRNA plasmid to base-pairs with a complementary target messenger RNA (mRNA), leading to its degradation.


AmpR: The prokaryotic ampicillin resistance cassette comprises the ampicillin promoter, the beta-lactamase gene and a terminator, to provide antibiotic resistance to bacteria expressing it.

eZ-Ori:  The e-Zyvec® origin of replication (eZ-Ori) is a high copy number origin of replication (pMB1 Ori) optimized by e-Zyvec for optimal assembly and plasmid amplification yield in E. coli.

Kozak: Is a sequence of nucleotides in eukaryotic mRNA that is recognized and used by the ribosome as the start site for translation.

Loop: The loop sequence (TCAAGAG) is the part that connects the two stems of the hairpin. This loop is important for the correct processing of the shRNA into siRNA by the enzyme.

pU6: The U6 promoter is recognized by the RNA Polymerase III, driving the transcription of small RNA molecules such as shRNA.

RNAPol III terminator: This is a specific DNA sequence allowing transcription termination by the RNA polymerase III.

shRNA (+): The sens sequence of the specific shRNA that you would like to get transcribed in the targeted cells.

shRNA (-): Antisens strand of the shRNA


If you require a more specific set of features for your plasmid, we provide a fully customizable plasmid construction service, do not hesitate to contact us regarding your projects.

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