While containment measures have resumed in France; professional activities remain authorized and Polyplus-transfection remains open, with all departments working at normal capacity. Polyplus-transfection product manufacturing is not experiencing any negative impacts and does not anticipate disruptions in operations as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, Polyplus-transfection continues to take steps to prevent disruption of services and the delivery of our products while upholding the safety of our employees to the highest standards.

Polyplus transfection has appointed an internal team to assess immediate issues or threats to possibly establish plan(s) for future contingencies. This team will ensure that the communication within our organization and with our customers and suppliers is clear, effective and shared in a timely manner. This team has implemented several actions that could be of significance for you:

Employee protection

We have cancelled all business travels, being to other French regions or to foreign countries. When possible, our employees are home office based. We maintain our daily routine through organizing all our meetings as video conferences.

Our manufacturing premise is still open for delivery of critical material or equipment but we put strict hygiene rules in place.

Increased levels of hygiene

Employees have had specific instructions regarding hygiene control according to French healthcare guidelines. We have established processes to identify employees who potentially show increased risk of being in contact with or developing the disease and mechanisms to prevent that. When necessary, these employees will be asked to self-isolate (quarantine) until they are given clearance by the company to go back to work.

Supply continuity

We did put in place a business continuity plan designed to ensure that critical functions such as manufacturing and shipment of products will continue during this coronavirus situation. We have increased our safety stock of materials and consumables to ensure continuity of customer’ supply chain and we put in place stock of finished products in different storage locations.

We are committed to address all our customers’ concerns through this unique worldwide situation and we are taking every action to be able to deliver our products to our customers.

We want to assure you that we are doing everything to continue working as close to normal as possible and feel free to contact us for any additional information you might need.