The leading biotechnology company that supports the gene and cell therapy market by supplying innovative transfection solutions, today announces the construction of Vectura, a new state of the art 4,000m2 facility.

The new facility is being built to enable Polyplus-transfection® to continue to cater for the exponential growth in demand for raw materials for ATMP development and manufacturing. Following completion of the facility, Polyplus will be able to meet the expectations of the gene and cell therapy market moving from late-stage clinical development into commercialization as well as ongoing increases in R&D and preclinical gene therapy development. The facility will also house Polyplus-transfection®’s head office, managing its international operations and delivery of transfection reagents to cell and gene therapy organizations around the globe.

The completion of the new facility will fulfill several immediate priorities for Polyplus. These priorities include doubling its headcount both in its gene and cell therapy transfection reagent manufacturing and development departments. It will also provide significant additional manufacturing capacity for ex vivo and in vivo therapy products. This will increase Polyplus’ production capacity to manufacture and deliver transfection solutions to target a wide range of diseases globally. In the new facility, R&D and laboratory space will increase by over 300%.

Polyplus currently plans for the facility to be operational for its 20-year anniversary in the third quarter of 2021. The initiation of construction follows significant investment by Warburg Pincus and ArchiMed in April 2020. This investment has enabled Polyplus-transfection to develop its strategic plans to continue to cater for the increasing demand of the growing cell and gene therapy sector for its product portfolio. The new facility will provide the expansion to achieve these goals. LCR (Les Constructeurs Reunis) has been appointed as the main construction firm. The new facility is also being constructed with the support of ADIRA (agence de développement d’Alsace).

“The gene and cell therapy market continues to grow at a high rate, with more late-stage clinical trials moving towards commercialization, additionally supported by an increase in earlier stage therapies moving into the clinic. As a supplier of critical strategic materials for the sector, Polyplus-transfection® will continue to invest to increase its capabilities and support its global customer base,” said Mario Philips, CEO, Polyplus-transfection®. “The COVID pandemic has had considerable global economic as well as health repercussions. In the midst of this, Polyplus secured a substantial growth investment from Warburg Pincus and ArchiMed last year. While Polyplus’ product and services portfolio to support gene and cell therapy development also continues to further broaden, we also initiated the construction of the Vectura facility, and we continue to be on target for the opening of this facility for our 20-year anniversary in the summer of 2021. The combination of this year’s achievements mean we remain in prime position to support the maturing gene and cell therapy sector with critical materials, including innovative transfection solutions.”