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Meet our team at booth #428 during the Bioprocessing Summit, in Boston (USA), August 13th-17th, 2018.

Our solutions for both protein and virus production

FectoPRO® Transfection kit is specifically designed for enhanced Transient Gene Expression (TGE) in suspension CHO and HEK-293 cells in various serum-free media, using low DNA amount (< 1 µg/ml of cell culture).

FectoCHO™ Expression system is a 3 component kit optimized to work together that contains FectoCHO™ CD Medium, FectoPRO® Transfection Reagent and FectoPRO® Expression Booster. FectoCHO™ Expression System has been developed to reach the highest protein production ever seen in CHO cell lines.

PEIpro® is a DNA transfection reagent for production of viruses, recombinant proteins and antibodies either in adherent cells in presence of serum or in suspension HEK-293 cells grown in low serum or serum-free media.

PEIpro®-HQ is a highly qualified grade of PEIpro® reagent, especially developed for the production of clinical batches of recombinant proteins, antibodies or viral vectors. The PEIpro®-HQ grade is supplied with appropriate Quality Controls and documentation allowing its use as a qualified raw material in GMP processes for the manufacturing of clinical batches of therapeutic products.

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  • Addressing Large-Scale Viral Vector Manufacturing Using an Optimized Pei-Based Transfection Process

Abstract: With the progress in developing new viral vector systems guided by safety, specificity and potency considerations, several gene and cell based therapies are now more than ever closer to being clinically approved and commercially available to treat genetic diseases. Viral vector delivery systems, of which mainly adeno-associated viruses (AAV) and lentiviruses are produced by transient transfection of mammalian producer HEK-293 cell lines. Virus vector production using the right transient transfection method is crucial to provide the flexibility and reproducibility that is needed to scale-up from initial process development to manufacturing of high-quality grade viral vectors.
Here, we describe an optimized PEI-based virus production process for high-yielding viral vector production, compatible with different cell culture adherent and suspension systems. We further demonstrate the robust viral vector production yields, as well as the adaptability and reliability of the PEI-based transient gene expression approach to efficiently manufacture GMP-grade viral vectors at a sufficiently large scale for more advanced clinical trials, and in fine to drive commercialization of therapeutic vectors.

  • Advanced CHO Cell Expression System for Increased Transient Protein Production

Abstract: The growing need in the biopharmaceutical market for various recombinant proteins and antibodies produced in a short time requires an efficient and flexible system. Transient expression is a commonly used process to face this demand but is unfortunately limited by transfection efficiency and inherent productivity, especially with CHO cells. To overcome this issue, we developed an advanced transient expression system consisting in the synergistic association of a novel CHO chemically defined medium and a powerful transfection reagent. First, we show that this innovative medium allows easy cultivation of various strains of CHO cells without the need of an extensive sequential adaptation. In a second time, through the protocol optimization of a technologically advanced transfection solution, we demonstrate a major increase in our recombinant proteins yields.

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