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Talk: Combining highest rAAV manufacturing performance with highest quality standards to support CGT industry

The number of ATMP therapeutic-based medicines for inherited genetic disorders is in constant growth, with a global 32% increase in new clinical trials in the last 4 years. ATMPs have demonstrated their success with already more than ten approved for commercialization. The success of AAV as the most promising viral vector for gene therapy is due to low immunogenicity, broad tropism and non-integrating properties. Today, the key challenge for translation of promising research to clinical development is meeting the growing demands in AAV production, while meeting health authorities’ quality standards to ensure patient safety. Transient transfection is the decisive step to focus on in rAAV manufacturing to significantly boost AAV production capacity. To address this concern, we present data on a FectoVIR®-AAV transfection reagent showing: i) increased AAV titers, ii) improved transfection protocol for large scale bioreactors and iii) reproducible viral titer during scale-up. Furthermore, we demonstrate our continuous commitment to supporting CGT manufacturers by making FectoVIR-AAV available at GMP grade, the highest quality grade for ancillary materials aligned with quality standards recommended by health authorities to ensure patient safety.

Presented by Mathieu PORTE, R&D Bioproduction Manager at Polyplus-transfection®

Thursday May 13th , from 5:15 pm-5:30 pm ET.



Next-Generation Transfection Reagent for Large Scale AAV Manufacturing

Mathieu Porte, Mégane Denu, Jonathan Havard, Marine Ricordel, Coralie Stritt, Yann Philipson, Malik Hellal, Patrick Erbacher

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