Since its foundation, the company applied a quality approach by implementing a Quality Management System and was successfully ISO 9001 certified in 2002 for the first time. This assures our global customers that Polyplus-transfection® has established reliable and effective processes for product development, manufacturing and delivery.

Customer satisfaction is at the center of our concerns. Our commitment is to develop, manufacture and deliver products and services to the highest quality standards, consistently meeting our customers’ specifications and expectations, and supporting them throughout the development of their project, from discovery through clinical phases to commercialization

This therefore defines the four pillars of our Quality Policy:

  • Ensure management commitment to the implementation of the Quality Management System, the provision of appropriate resources and its continuous improvement.
  • Foster a culture of quality and integrity, and an environment based on customer satisfaction, in which every competent and trained employee assumes his or her responsibilities and is involved in the Quality Management System.
  • Establish an approach based on risk management and continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and our products and services.
  • Provide products and services that comply with applicable and relevant regulations and standards.
  • Promote flexibility and creativity to meet customer needs, notably through product and organizational innovation.